Created for a Technical Processes class, we utilized different color modes and printing techniques that we will use as designers. The project consisted of developing a concept based on either the Seven Deadly Sins or the Seven Heavenly Virtues. Each sin or virtue had to be created with certain constraints in mind (listed in captions below).

We are constantly in connection with each other via social media and other apps. Whether we are posting on Facebook or ranting on Yelp, we influence each other and ourselves with apps on our devices. This newsletter is an exploration of how apps play with the devil on our shoulders in our every day lives.
The cover provides an index of the apps featured in the newsletter. The back is a play on the belief that sin is a separation from God, hence the failed connection.
Lust - scanned images and print from magazines. the stains are from the condom lubrication, giving it a grungy look.

Gluttony - only type, but not play into cliche imagery.

Greed - duotone or monotone color effects.

Sloth - selective color.

Wrath - scan of a 3d image. In this case: a broken plate, bacon, eggs, and ketchup. 
The Yelp logo was created using an acetate stencil and ketchup. 

Envy - generated type with found image. aside from the slight repetition, 
the image itself was found in a magazine as is. The type is hand-generated by myself.

Pride - constructed image. Instagram frame made of foam board.

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